Enabling wealth management firms to achieve sustainable market leadership without compromise

We do this by enhancing one, more or all of the following:

  • Value creation for their investing clients – we do this by helping wealth management firms deliver investment portfolio services to their clients that can be customised to each and every investor, adviser and firm.

  • Value creation for their business – we do this by helping our
    clients implement repeatable workflow processes as a business platform to
    power client centric propositions with scale.

  • Business risk and compliance management – we do this by providing
    structured management oversight for ongoing portfolio monitoring and
    alerting to those responsible for these functions.

Join a specialist group of wealth managers with best practice portfolio operations.

Financial Simplicity is for wealth management firms that aspire to high standards in terms of delivering a portfolio service to their clients.

We work with wealth management firms to enable them to truly focus on client needs and provide a portfolio service that is personalised for each client.

Our mission is to simultaneously enable financial professionals to build sustainable trust based relationships with clients, and to enable the firms that they represent operate a highly scalable, sustainable, and attractive business proposition.

For firms with a defined portfolio proposition and an active initiative, we license our portfolio service delivery platform to help deliver this with scale and efficiency. For firms that are seeking to develop, research, and determine their portfolio proposition, we provide professional services to help formulate, define and select the key components of your proposition to suit your firms capabilities, area of differentiation, and skills.

Over the years we have developed and finessed a ‘path to success’ process to bring wealth managers the benefits of Financial Simplicity. This process is summarised as:

Readiness and Preparation

This is about laying the foundations for success and ensuring that your organisation is ready to achieve the business improvements that Financial Simplicity can bring. This consists of:

  • First Discussion and Readiness Assessment – This includes an Assessment of Your Organisational Readiness and an Assessment of Your Client Portfolio Data Availability.
  • Vision Workshop – This is where together we help you define a vision of what success looks like. In this workshop we make use of Financial Simplicity’s technologies and case studies to help you envision a superior future and clarify the key business benefits, often supporting intuitive decision making or a business case.

Onboarding and Success Workshop

This is a workshop that builds on the foundations that were laid out in step 1 to define to a sufficient level what success looks like and getting all stakeholders on board. This workshop is ideal to support an internal business case.

  • High level Solution Definition – where we map out how an overall solution fits together
  • Measures of Success – where we set out what success looks like and how we measure it
  • Validate data sources – where we test out your portfolio data sources to confirm sufficiency for success
  • Internal showcase to bring stakeholders on board – where we help you with bringing the rest of your organisation on the journey


This is the process where we work collaboratively with your team to achieve success. This stage involves bringing together the various enhancements to investment proposition, technology, and operational processes and integrating them into your business. This includes:

  • Detail definitions investment proposition and operational model
  • Implementation plan
  • Success plan
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Mentoring and support

Ongoing Success

This is the stage of realisation of the success measures with periodic checkpoints and identification of additional benefits for consideration. This includes:

  • Client success monitoring 
  • Technical support

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