Enabling wealth management firms achieve sustainable market leadership without compromise

Empowering Financial Professionals to provide a client centric portfolio service, with scale and compliance.

Financial Simplicity is a Portfolio Service Delivery Infrastructure that works in harmony with your current business environment. We enable wealth management firms to truly focus on client needs and provide a portfolio service that is personalised for each client.

Our mission is to simultaneously enable financial professionals to build sustainable trust based relationships with clients, and to enable the firms that they represent operate a highly scalable, sustainable and attractive business proposition.

For firms with a defined portfolio proposition and an active initiative, we license our portfolio service delivery platform to help deliver this with scale and efficiency. For firms that are seeking to develop, research and determine their portfolio proposition, we provide professional services to help formulate, define and select the key components of your proposition to suit your firms capabilities, area of differentiation and skills.



Improve efficiency and compliance oversight in a fully configurable, non custodial, MDA portfolio management solution

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Provide portfolio management advice to your client in an efficient, compliant, and flexible solution

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Why Financial Simplicity

For over fifteen years, the Financial Simplicity team has passionately focused on developing web based portfolio service solutions to help financial professionals deliver and manage personalized client portfolios with scale allowing them to provide exceptional service while tightly controlling their costs and compliance risks. Our portfolio service delivery infrastructure and our managed services are built around our PROPRIETARY IP and enable us to support our clients with automated portfolio mandate monitoring, and instant decision support – to help financial professionals to GROW and MANAGE their investment business EFFICIENTLY; and automated portfolio policy compliance – to help wealth management firms PROTECT their investment businesses