Financial Simplicity is an international wealth management services and technology company founded in 2003, based in Sydney, Australia.

We were founded on the strong beliefs and vision that the only long term sustainable business model for wealth managers is to put their client’s interests and relationships first, blending in their firms’ unique values, interests, perspectives and opinions.

For over 14 years, we have researched and finessed a range of portfolio service delivery and ‘portfolio actuarial’ services that help our wealth management firm clients monitor and make decisions on, their client investor portfolios. By doing such we help our clients enhance their value to their investor clients, increase the value of their businesses, and better satisfy those who oversee them.

Our Team

Stuart Holdsworth CEO

Stuart Holdsworth is Financial Simplicity’s business leader, with primary responsibility for the strategic direction of the business, and engaging with industry leaders to promote a sustainable wealth management industry that produces fair outcomes for both business and consumers.

Stuart founded Financial Simplicity in 2003 with a vision that wealth management practices could increase the value of the service that they provide their clients, whilst simultaneously improving the efficiency, culture and value of their business, as well as better satisfying those who oversee them.

Financial Simplicity has since spent many years developing and refining proprietary techniques and systems to an extent whereby our solutions are cost and resource efficient to deploy, and business impact for our clients have been tremendous in terms of revenue and valuation multiples. Prior to Financial Simplicity, Stuart has worked in a number of executive financial services technology and consulting roles at leading firms such as Avanteos, Commonwealth Bank, Thompson Reuters, and PWC.

Aside from financial and social technology innovation, Stuart’s other interests include his young family, surfing, swimming, sailing and ocean yacht racing. Stuart is a keen Laser sailor, regularly navigates and helms ocean racing yachts, and competes regularly on the Australian offshore yacht racing scene including the Sydney to Hobart yacht race which he has participated in eighteen times.

Richard Arnold : Executive Director USA

Richard is an Executive Director of Financial Simplicity, based in Santa Cruz, California and is currently leading Financial Simplicity’s USA initiatives. Until recently he had served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development of CrowdFlower, Inc., the world’s leading Business Process Crowdsourcing company.

Prior to joining CrowdFlower, Richard was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the world’s leading provider of core system software to the computer industry. Richard also served as a founding partner of Committed Capital Proprietary Limited, a Sydney-based small private equity investment company.

He has been Executive Director of Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, a large Sydney-based private investment company and has also served as member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Intellisync Corporation. He was a Director of Saint Bernard Software, Inc., of Stonebridge Securities Limited, and of Growth Equities Mutual Limited. In addition, Richard has held various senior management roles with Charles Schwab Corporation.

Richard holds a B. S. degree in psychology from Stanford University and has completed the Executive Program in Finance at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He was a foundation member of the International Association of Financial Planners and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

 Our Clients

Our clients are wealth management businesses, and the platforms that serve them, who have recognised the need for improved controls and techniques to safely deliver their services to their clients. Typically they describe themselves as private banks, private wealth firms, independent financial advisers, financial planning groups and investment platforms, and include some of the most prestigious brands in their field including one of the largest global custodians.