Author: lovely Mariz Quirol

Trends in Wealth Management and Technologies in 2017

We grabbed Stuart Holdsworth to talk briefly about some of the big picture technology related trends in wealth management that he anticipates for 2017.

The new era of regtech is here

Great developments going on in the Australian government and regulator in recognising the role of regtech in financial services moving forward, as the Treasurer announced recently (see article below). My view is that regtech is the new domain which is requiring a blending and synthesis so many key subjects all at the same time, whether…
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With increasing regulation requiring firms to define what client portfolios ‘should look like’, this is theme for 2017

A lot of people are asking me at the moment about what portfolio compliance is, and you may want to read my white paper here Well for professional money managers to date, simply put portfolio compliance is making sure a client’s investment portfolio is in accordance with any mandates or instructions that you agreed with them.…
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