Q) What if I we want to create portfolio reviews rather than rely on your Nudge team, can we do this ?

A)  Yes, if that is how you prefer to operate we can then activate a module that enables you to do this


Q) Will Nudge work in a ‘Funds of Funds’ model ?

A) Yes, absolutely, Nudge will work with pretty well any investments that can be priced, in any currency and asset class


Q) What if my investments are held on an investment platform ?

A) Yes, most of our clients have their investments held on external investment platforms. To get Nudge working for you it is required to get data about your client investments to Financial Simplicity. We have data feeds from a number of platforms already and are building this list continually. Let us know which platforms you are interested in using Nudge with and we will let you know if we have a feed from them. Alternatively you can get a data file of client portfolio holdings form the platform yourself and send it to us


Q) Can Nudge work with institutional funds ?

A) Yes, absolutely. We have an institutional range of offerings for which our sales team can help you with. Contact


Q) Can Nudge help me with the processing of corporate actions ?

A) Nudge can help you with the creation of documents en-masse that you may want to send to your clients about up coming corporate actions. We do not however process such instructions.


Q) Can Nudge help us with seeking and recording approvals to go ahead with portfolio reviews from clients ?

A) Yes, we have an electronic client approvals capability enables your clients to acknowledge to go ahead with your advice so that you and they can save time and effort in recording such.


Q) Can Nudge deal with model portfolios ?

A) Yes, we can cater for a broad range of model portfolio methods and includes any asset that you can put a price on, whether shares, managed funds, property, bonds etc etc


Q) We use a multi asset class blended top down asset allocation and bottom up stock selection approach to our client portfolios. Can Nudge help us here ?

A) Yes, we are very familiar complex investment philosophies and are system can accommodate such. Send us some details of how your investment process works and we can promptly let you know how we can accommodate such.


Q) We have clients with specific overlay rules, can Nudge help ?

A) Yes, if you have specific clients with specific overlay rules, then send us these details and we will implement them within our systems. We accommodate all the usual ‘do not buy’ and ‘do not sell’ rules as well as more complex scenarios also


Q) Our value proposition includes ‘tax smart’ portfolio management. Can Nudge help us here ?

A) Yes, absolutely. In order to make this work, you will need to have your platform provide ‘tax lot’ data about each client tax lot including purchase date and cost basis. With this data, our actuarial engines are able to consider such in a variety of tax smart scenarios.

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