Everything between the customer and their money in a fee for service basis means you are being expected to put pressure downstream and you are being evaluated yourself on value add.

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How does this impact wholesale service providers ? Increasingly it is becoming clear that the focus for every service provider between investors and their investments has to combine value for the customer combined with how [...]

Full circle, stockbroking being the future of the industry

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Are we heading full circle back to broader stockbroking based servicing of private clients?

What is the regulatory impact of increased consumer involvement ?

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We are living in a world where the level of acceptability of servicing of consumers is increasingly being defined by the consumers themselves, which is suggesting more consumer involvement in regulation. Are our systems, processes [...]

What does the future of wealth management have to do with pioneering of powered flight?

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  The introduction of powered flight was a major innovation and was achieved through a significant change in thinking of both what the problem was and the skill sets that actually got the successful group [...]

How Fees Can Destroy Your Wealth

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A well researched paper from our friends at InvestSMART on the long term impact of fees. Our sense is that as this is better understood that there will be intense pressure to not only [...]

Managed Accounts …Explained

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Over the years, there has been much developments with managed accounts, and with it has brought on a myriad of terminology and acronyms that unlike the firm 'legally defined' boundaries of a ‘unit trust’, the [...]