Managed Accounts – What is all the fuss about ?

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I came across this article that I wrote about in 2006 which may have been a tad ahead of the banking and financial services royal commission that is currently on in Australia. Interestingly the message [...]

What is defining the new ‘right to serve’ in wealth management

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Globally, the reputation of the wealth management industry is under some fire right now, and I cannot see it letting up. In Australia, we are having a Banking Royal Commission into financial services, and wealth [...]

What is the optimal mind machine balance in wealth management

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We are starting to hear a lot about mind machine balance in this rapidly evolving world of AI (artificial intelligence), and the wealth management industry is not immune from such. In short what I understand appears [...]

Best interest considerations in platform choice for investors

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Much debate in Australia at the moment around platform pricing, and with the royal commission going on, the whole subject of what platforms are in relation to the client's best interest is kicking up. My [...]

The Importance of Continuous Portfolio Monitoring

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White Paper - The Importance of Portfolio Monitoring Good paper in the link above on the importance of continual portfolio monitoring in retail wealth propositions today. An essential read for advisory firms considering new additions in [...]

Carl Brazendale Joins Financial Simplicity and Chief Commercial Officer

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Carl Brazendale to Financial Simplicity as Chief Commercial Officer. Carl is responsible for the commercial growth of the company.  Carl will also ensure that Financial Simplicity has a [...]