Nudge is a complete and non-prescriptive portfolio monitoring and portfolio review managed service, operated by Financial Simplicity.

Nudge has been developed to serve the needs of advisory firms that:

  • provide portfolio advice to clients as part of their proposition, usually through advisers
  • typically make use of a document such as a ‘record of advice’ to liaise with clients
  • Are seeking robotic efficiencies and compliance risk management to support advisers delivering portfolio advice using an outsource service provider
  • Make use of an investment platform with electronic data access to feed Financial Simplicity’s systems

Nudge provides a prompt portfolio compliance monitoring and decision support service to present investment advisers with portfolio alerts, prepares relevant advice documents and with supporting order management. If required the Nudge service can deliver order instructions directly into connected integrated trading systems.

Our portfolio management solution helps wealth advisory firms protect their businesses by being to achieve management of investor portfolios in a personalised way, with scale.

Nudge protects you and your business from the risks associated with failing to keep all of your client portfolios invested in accordance with relevant agreements, mandates, policies and rules.

Nudge relies upon a complex set of algorithms developed by the Financial Simplicity team over the past twelve years and is now able to apply almost any agreement, rule or policy to any asset group, asset class and currency.

Nudge is even able to manage complex hierarchies of rules set at portfolio, account or account group level.

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Your choice of how you engage with your clients, whether advisory or discretionary portfolio management.

Your choice of investment platforms, custodians or record keeping systems, as Nudge is ‘open architecture’ and agnostic as to where you keep your clients investment assets.

Your choice of investments for your clients in any currency, whether stocks, shares, bonds, funds, ETFs, unlisted assets or just anything you can put a price on.