Professional Services

Surrounding our portfolio service delivery platform, we recognise that firms often need specialist professional services to help them transition to new service delivery propositions and new operating models.

Financial Simplicity provides professional services of a range of disciplines below:

Investment Proposition Design

Using our structured methodology we help firm design an investment proposition to match their skill sets and desired client interaction models. Where firms seek external investment skills, we can help them source and select third party researchers, investment platforms, administrator and technologies

Business Value Methodologies

Using our investments business value methodology, we help firms model their business from a value proposition, customer retention, pricing, margin, profitability and shareholder value perspective. From a common understanding we then work with firms to identify areas for improvements to ultimately increase shareholder value and employee work value.

Investment Proposition Operations

We help firms design the operating architecture and processes to achieve desired improvements in business and client service performance. Ultimately this results in an operations manual for operations and client facing staff to deliver high value investment services to their clients in a structure and monitored and risk managed fashion.

Data Architectures

With the increasing use of technologies and data transfer, we can help firms with overall data architectures, data aggregation methods, and data integrations to support the design and operations of desired investment propositions.

Management Coaching

Typically under some form of retainer, we help firms transition to best practice for the operation and oversight of their investment proposition. This often takes the form of periodic coaching sessions with senior management to align departmental activities to achieve the desired common goal.