Taylor  is the intelligent agent for wealth managers that takes over responsibility for constant monitoring of each client portfolio to ensure it remains in strict compliance both with the applicable investment mandate and with any applicable higher level rules such as licensee policies or guidelines.  Taylor  can be easily trained to understand any combination of specific rules that apply to each client, account, or portfolio.

Taylor  has been developed to serve the needs of wealth management businesses that:

  • provide a portfolio based investment proposition (Managed Accounts / SMA / IMA / Other)
  • typically have over 500 portfolios managed
  • have skilled portfolio management staff, and recognize the need for comprehensive training
  • make use of model portfolios
  • make use of an investment platform with electronic data access to client portfolio holdings to feed Financial Simplicity

Individual wealth managers can now build and maintain more PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS and structure CUSTOMISED INVESTMENT PROGRAMS for each of their clients while Taylor handles all the jobs associated with ensuring that each of the client portfolios remain in STRICT COMPLIANCE with each program and all its associated rules.

Our compliance solution is about protecting your business from such threats, and providing you with the confidence that portfolio compliance us under control.

Taylor’s job is to make sure your business is doing the job your clients are paying you to do and to follow a sound process to make sure this is so.  Taylor protects you and your business from the risks associated with failing to keep all of your client portfolios invested in accordance with relevant agreements, mandates, policies and rules.

Taylor’s “brain” is made up of a complex set of algorithms developed by the Financial Simplicity team over the past twelve years and is now able to apply nearly any agreement, rule or policy to any asset group, asset class and currency.

Taylor is even able to manage complex hierarchies of rules set at portfolio, account or account group level.

Portfolio Compliance Monitoring

Taylor provides on demand assessment of investor portfolio components to model portfolios, asset allocations, client mandate rules, and licensee approved product lists of any type of investment (funds, securities, ETFs etc).

Open Architecture and Non Prescriptive

Taylor supports your choice of investment platforms, custodians or record keeping systems, as Taylor is ‘open architecture’ and agnostic as to where you keep your clients investment assets.

Portfolio Decision Support

Taylor provides on-demand one-click decision support to calculate adjustments required to portfolios to bring them back to defined customised mandates for each investor.

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