A new era of Coaching

Had great discussion with our CTO today who attended the recent Gartner IT and Architecture Conference in Sydney this week. One of the key points was the changing role of 'IT Departments' in a world where staff bring their own IT (in for the form of tablets and phones etc to work) to work. The [...]

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Merton: the individual plan man

Check this article out at: http://www.iandtnews.com.au/people/merton-the-individual-plan-man Merton is clearly getting up to speed with Financial Simplicity.

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What is proposition enablement and why do we need it ?

Quite a few people are asking me about proposition enablement. What is it and why do we need it ? Well the answer really lies in the answer to the questions: 'what do you do and why should you be paid for it ?', and the fact that many wealth management industries around the world [...]

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A new world coming…

Our COO Enda came across the chart below based on the beliefs of Nikolai Kondratiev, a Russian economist (long time dead). Basic assumption is that we are coming to the end of the Information Technology innovation wave and entering a new as yet undertermined wave. The diagram below speculates on drivers, one of which is [...]

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‘DIY’ model portfolios on the increase – FTAdviser.com

This is a really topcial article in much of my work at the moment and highlights the further industry supply chain 'pirating' going on: Players in the supply chain (in this case, advisors) are doing more and more to maintain relevance and margin in their businesses. Are we entering an era in which there is [...]

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Reading the latest on-line edition of I&T News, I was struck yet again by the growing strength of the consumer-driven evolution reshaping the financial services industry each hour.   In just four years' time across the Asia Pacific region, financial services businesses concentrating on the high net worth sector are anticipated to spend $150 million [...]

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