Custom-tailoring begins at the dinner table.

We’ve all grown used to being able to get any kind of coffee we want in Starbucks, so much choice that I’ve literally seen people freeze up when it comes to ordering. Yesterday, however, I realized that customer tailoring had even permeated the product-dominant world of McDonalds. All three people ahead of me special ordered [...]

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Trends in the New World

Whenever I see a list of key trends in wealth management (and there are many trends, as well as many lists…), the same core imperatives stand out: increased transparency, increased consumer control, uncertain markets, greater value for money… However, it's not the trend itself that's important so much as what you do with it that [...]

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The shifting nature of customer value in Portfolio Management

From my perch in the UK, I continue to observe an increase in the pace of change in the wealth management industry. We all know that the contemplation period for change is over - the future is no longer the future. Speaking to clients in the past few days, it is clear that running a [...]

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Wealth managers to face closer scrutiny as FSA unearths ‘widespread’ failings

Article From Citywire....Emma Dunkley. Looks like systemisation and suitability are going to leave little room for error. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is contacting firms offering wealth management services after identifying ‘significant widespread failings’ around record keeping and suitability and has said the sector may face tougher supervision as a result. The watchdog wrote to [...]

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Advisors to increase passive exposure, Platforum study finds | News | Fundweb How much threat is active management under?

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Shoe Horning

There has been much discussion and concern by the FSA in the UK about caution in the appropriateness of developing centralised investment propositions (CIPs) and 'shoe horning' investors into such. Whilst at face value this seems to be a reasonable concern to protect investors being put into CIP schemes largely set to meet the approximate [...]

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