Implemented Portfolios

I am a really big fan of all of our clients. One, Implemented Portfolios has some great videos. See them in action here..

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Financial System Enquiry in Australia – Another Catalyst for Financial Simplicity

With the Murray report out just before Christmas, it has now given me some time to digest it and some of the recommendations. Clearly there is notable mention of the retirement income system, superannuation, and some of the key components that support such and just general investing, which I suspect will have some fairly considerable [...]

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And the Future is about……

So, here is my call for the next decade.....The future of wealth management discussion (even policy) and  marketing will shift from people's wealth to their financial 'well being'. To some extent we are already seeing this. Some examples include in the latest AFSA retirement blueprint report (great report !) it talks not about wealth in retirement but affordability [...]

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