The new era of regtech is here

Great developments going on in the Australian government and regulator in recognising the role of regtech in financial services moving forward, as the Treasurer announced recently (see article below). My view is that regtech is the new domain which is requiring a blending and synthesis so many key subjects all at the same time, whether [...]

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With increasing regulation requiring firms to define what client portfolios ‘should look like’, this is theme for 2017

A lot of people are asking me at the moment about what portfolio compliance is, and you may want to read my white paper here Well for professional money managers to date, simply put portfolio compliance is making sure a client’s investment portfolio is in accordance with any mandates or instructions that you agreed with them. [...]

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It’s all ABOUT trust, not IN trust!

Good article linked below about some of the the many facets of trust and what is changing in the trust equation between both advisers and investors. Our belief is that the race is now on to defining, developing and implementing new sets of propositions, systems and processes that ultimately become the infrastructure to supporting the [...]

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Portfolio Management Technology Ripe for Disruption

With the industry under intense margin pressure, not only is it being increasingly recognised that technology companies must get more efficient in their delivery, but also they must think much about the costs in terms of human resources for client firms to operate that technology. Most advisory firms, particularly independent RIAs, spend the greatest percentage [...]

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Path to Digital Transformation

Good article here about some key points that firms may want to note on the path to their essential digital futures... What I see as being the most important being point 2, that of essentially putting the customer at the centre. For many product orientated organisations this can be a real struggle to even [...]

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