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The Importance of Continuous Portfolio Monitoring

White Paper - The Importance of Portfolio Monitoring Good paper in the link above on the importance of continual portfolio monitoring in retail wealth propositions today. An essential read for advisory firms considering new additions in their wealth management propositions.

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Carl Brazendale Joins Financial Simplicity and Chief Commercial Officer

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Carl Brazendale to Financial Simplicity as Chief Commercial Officer. Carl is responsible for the commercial growth of the company.  Carl will also ensure that Financial Simplicity has a continual focus on solving our client’s and the market needs.  Carl has spent over 25 years servicing financial services firms [...]

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PwC Wealth Report

Some really good themes and content in the PwC report at https://www.pwc.com.au/publications/pdf/avm-aj-25-october.pdf  

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Advisory and Discretionary Portfolio Propositions

One the most read articles on our blog is about the pros and cons of advisory and discretionary portfolio services, and the decision to go one way or the other (or both) continues to be one of the first questions I get asked about by advisers and licensees in our engagement process to help them. [...]

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Financial advisers set to become the new fund managers

I really like the opening sentence on this article of 'Technology is enabling financial planners to climb the value ladder, but at the same time it is kicking out the rungs behind them as they go.' The growing trend of management margin and service moving to advisers described well here. Financial Simplicity's Nudge service is [...]

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The role of AI and Robo in Advice

I am really enjoying the heating debate about whether Robo advice will replace human advisors or complement human advisors and in the last month a few thing have to come to light that are starting to provide not only some trends, but some sound argument as to why these trends are happening. If I can [...]

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RegTech : Helping Compliance Go From ‘Policeman’ to ‘Coach’

A really fascinating and insightful session at the ASIC RegTech round table earlier this week in Sydney, Australia. One key thing I took away from the session is that in many peoples eyes, Regtech is part of the genesis of the next generation of financial services operating models with benefits not only in reducing the [...]

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The Regtech Revolution: Compliance and Wealth Management in 2017

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Voices 2017 in wealth management: Top trends in the coming year for financial planners

Some good perspective in this article that I suspect will become increasingly relevant throughout the year as the consumer and regulatory tightening on the industry takes increased effect. http://www.accountingtoday.com/opinion/2017-in-wealth-management-top-trends-in-the-coming-year-for-financial-planners  

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The Importance of Held Away Accounts

With increasing regulatory focus on investor's overall investments, one of the tech trends is the increasingly important for portfolio management technologies to include what is called in the USA as 'Held Away' assets. This is because the focus under a fiduciary has been translated by many as 'continuous and comprehensive counsel' of investments. Help Away [...]

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