Monitoring portfolios to your desired investment structures

We find all too often that firms have strong and well-founded views as to the way that they break up their universe of investments into their proprietary asset allocations, not only in terms of proportion but also in terms of definition. With more specialist focus and skills, firms are moving beyond what many would regard [...]

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Excel may be the best portfolio management software in the world today, however….

We see a lot of private wealth management firms that use excel as the basis for modelling and making decisions on client investment portfolios, and see some distinct commonality in their journey, which is typically: Stage 1 : A motivated set of professionals start a wealth management business with passion and wanting to deliver a [...]

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There are no products only services

I read somewhere recently: Products are rapidly evolving into services, these are more connected to customers ecosystems and provide holistic experiences that are meaningful beyond the product/touchpoint. Creating products that live in isolation are progressively disappearing, and one may say that “There are no products, only services” Whether it is these words or others to [...]

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Discretionary vs Advisory Propositions

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With increasing regulation requiring firms to define what client portfolios ‘should look like’, this is theme for 2017

A lot of people are asking me at the moment about what portfolio compliance is, and you may want to read my white paper here Well for professional money managers to date, simply put portfolio compliance is making sure a client’s investment portfolio is in accordance with any mandates or instructions that you agreed with them. [...]

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Portfolio Management Technology Ripe for Disruption

With the industry under intense margin pressure, not only is it being increasingly recognised that technology companies must get more efficient in their delivery, but also they must think much about the costs in terms of human resources for client firms to operate that technology. Most advisory firms, particularly independent RIAs, spend the greatest percentage [...]

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What ‘should’ your client portfolios be ?

With increasing penalties and fines being issued by regulators for advice firms not actually providing advice for the fees that they have charged their clients, there is increasing focus on what is required to be done to demonstrate ongoing advice for ongoing fees to investors. One part of the discussion around this is firms considering [...]

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The Wonders of Model Portfolios

So many firms are bringing in these things called 'Model Portfolios' and for some, they look like a new list of approved investments for clients, often in different proportions for different risk appetites. So what is the big deal? Well the big deal is that to be used properly, 2 key things must happen: Authors [...]

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Managed Accounts and Practices vs Businesses

There are some increasingly clear lines being drawn in the rapidly growing world of managed accounts. One of them relates to whether wealth managers are practices or businesses. "What ?" you may ask, or "Why does it matter ?". Let me try and explain:  First of all distinction between a practice and a business. For [...]

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Robo what?

It feels like the industry is in a 'Robo advice' frenzy at the moment. Fears of disruption are ever present, threats to the status quo, low cost investment offers, etc. Naturally many look at parts of the industry structure today and see it in a new light, but what actually is that 'new light' and [...]

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