For over fifteen years, the Financial Simplicity team has passionately focused on developing web based portfolio management solutions to help financial professionals to serve more clients, and to provide exceptional service while tightly controlling their costs and risks

Our portfolio intelligence systems and our managed services are built around our PROPRIETARY IP and enable us to support our clients with:

  • Automated portfolio mandate monitoring, and robotic decision support – to help financial professionals to GROW and MANAGE their investment business EFFICIENTLY
  • Automated portfolio policy compliance – to help wealth management firms PROTECT their investment businesses

 Our innovative solutions help our client businesses to:

  • Serve More Customers, Provide Exceptional Service
    • Wealth managers and financial advisers can offer their clients MORE PERSONALISED PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS, often at significantly LOWER OVERALL COST to their client
    • Advisers can manage a significantly LARGER NUMBER OF CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS because they are freed from the difficult and detailed tasks associated with
  • Tracking changes in model portfolios
  • Monitoring individual portfolios for mandate compliance
  • Calculating re-balancing trades
  • Preparing Statements of Advice
  • Bundling trades
  • Routing orders
  • Allocating executions to individual accounts

Control Costs and Risks

  • Dealer groups and advisory firms experience SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER MIDDLE AND BACK OFFICE COSTS
  • These businesses also experience significantly LOWERED RISK OF NON COMPLIANCE with either customer or regulatory mandates
Our portfolio management solution helps wealth advisory firms protect their businesses by being to achieve management of investor portfolios in a personalised way, with scale.


Achieve sustained competitive advantage by being able to offer superior client portfolio propositions and systems. The opposing pressures of offering personalised client service with the needs for business efficiency and scale have been well documented, however largely unresolved in the mainstream. With Financial Simplicity, wealth management businesses can leverage dedicated technologies to overcome this nexus, and assign more valuable resource to delivering personalised investment offerings without compromising business performance.


Facilitate improved margin and business risk management by realising operating efficiencies and the ability to achieve business scale with fewer resources. Financial Simplicity’s suite of portfolio compliance and portfolio management technologies form an integrated set of interactions that help firms connect the interaction between client advisers, researchers, portfolio managers and traders. By rationalising what used to often be achieved by many different systems within one, businesses can tighten up the interactions between different roles to improve overall efficiency and reduce business risks.


Monitor client portfolios in line with current and emerging regulatory themes and operating models. With regulators around the world extending focus to include conduct and prudential quality themes, there is increasing pressures for business managers to demonstate pro-active measures to monitor the composition of investor portfolios to those who oversee them. Financial Simplicity’s portfolio monitoring methods bring a level of pro-active monitoring of all client portfolios to help satisfy demands on business and portfolio managers.