The global specialist in empowering wealth businesses to deliver tailored, client centric investment portfolio propositions at scale.

Providing peace of mind, efficiency and management oversight for over $30b of clients’ portfolios is all we do. If you are managing client portfolios & it’s taking too long to do portfolio reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

A digital framework for portfolio managers

We are the only specialist digital platform that delivers a framework of scalable, repeatable processes to portfolio managers so that they can offer their specific tailored, client centric investment portfolio propositions with scale and management oversight.  It’s all we do.

Configurable for your businesses specific investment proposition

Synthesising portfolio theory & investor nuances, we combine world class mathematics with deep business, human & industry acumen to allow you to manage, review and implement your specific investment propositions.

Enabling mass discretionary servicing of clients

We drastically reduce the time it takes to monitor & review personalised or bulk portfolios and bring repeatability, consistency and increased rigour to a new era of portfolio management processes.

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How Investing is Evolving Podcast

CEO and Founder Stuart Holdsworth hosts the How Investing is Evolving podcast where he and invited guest discuss trends, consumer, technology and investment industry themes. As a provider of investment solutions, it’s common to want to have an investment proposition that can engage positively with clients. The problem is that to do this often involves personalising an investment portfolio to every client which is often complex, difficult, laborious and operationally challenging. This can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive and if not done well can make you feel like you’re delivering poor service, losing money or putting the business at risk. This podcast is for anyone who is responsible for investment propositions at their firms and how to best formulate and articulate their proposition value to their clients, and how to do this whilst also benefiting your business. Subscribe via your preferred podcast channel by clicking the links below.

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For over 20 years Financial Simplicity have been focussed on innovating and delivering solutions to empower our clients to leverage their unique investment propositions. Click the link below to visit some of our most recent articles on wealth management innovation and current market engagement.


Private Wealth Managers

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to portfolio management. We have the capability and flexibility to take your unique process and configure it into our digital platform.

If you are a Private Wealth Manager looking to grow your business or reduce your reliance on manual processes, Financial Simplicity is the only specialist digital platform for portfolio managers that delivers repeatable processes for tailored, client centric investment portfolio services with scale and management oversight.  Unlike spreadsheets, you get the benefits of industrial scale without compromising the ability to accommodate each individual client scenario and you won’t spend wasted hours correcting formulas and reviewing client portfolios one by one. LEARN MORE

Financial Advisers

Spend less time with spreadsheets and more time with clients by making it easier and faster to review portfolios. We work with financial advisory businesses who want to offer increasingly investor centric investment solutions to build relevant and sustainable interactions with their clients. Our solutions allow you to spend more time on high value activities; leaving your client at the center of your processes and removing manual calculations and compliance pitfalls. If you’re tired of losing valuable time wrestling spreadsheets to complete portfolio reviews and generate RoA’s, we can show you a better way.


Portfolio Managers

For portfolio managers who want to explore every opportunity for service & performance improvements, Financial Simplicity can reduce the time it takes to implement tailored or bulk portfolio decisions at large volumes to bring repeatability, consistency and increased rigour to your portfolio management processes. As the only specialist digital platform that delivers repeatable processes for tailored or volume driven portfolio services, we enable visualisation and systemisation of the processes that reflect your unique investment approach. We do it with scale and management oversight – at the click of a button.



Delivering client centric portfolio solutions without the performance drag from the frictions and lags associated with taking your investment decisions from great idea to client experience. We work with brokers who understand that a portfolio service operating model based on personalisation without scalability limits their ability to grow and deliver consistently excellent client outcomes. Rather than portfolio reviews involving multiple steps across multiple systems we enable you to have a single process that results superior client servicing and client outcomes by making it easier and faster to review portfolios.


Platforms & Software Providers

f/s labs allows platforms, software providers and tech platforms to rapidly deploy market leading portfolio reviewing and rebalancing functionality without the time, risk or cost of development. Access market-leading, personalised portfolio rebalancing algorithms as an API. Our proven algorithmic capabilities are broad and deep and are configured to the imagination of our clients portfolio based propositions.


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