Month: May 2012

The importance of systemised rebalancing

Article in IFAOnline today here about how systemised rebalancing may not be treated as requiring discretionary authorities by advisers.  This, I think, provides some insight into regulatory thinking.  It  also raises quite a few questions, some of these being: Q) Who defines the rules for sysemised rebalancing? And, what is acceptable? Q) What happens if…
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The Importance of Emotion

I am reading this great book ‘Firms of Endearment’ (which you can buy on Amazon). I strongly suggest anyone who is supporting a consumer business should read this book. Whilst I am only a little way through so far, one of the points the book makes is about the importance of arousing emotions in dealing…
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Centralised or Decentralised Investment Propositions

Much talk over here at the moment in the UK about centralised investment propositions. In short, this appears to be about operating a centralised process of investment management for a broad range of clients: these are most often segmented in a sensible manner allowing for risk tolerance and investment timeframe. However, running contrary to this…
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