Month: May 2016

Portfolio Management : Advisory vs Discretionary, The Pros and Cons are Changing

In many of the wealth management groups that I visit around the world, we find that they have a portfolio proposition that is either advisory, discretionary, or perhaps have both. What I find interesting though is why their propositions are such and whether they are open minded to the alternatives. In the advisory proposition camp,…
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Digital Termites and Wealth Management

In the late 1990s, I used to work for an innovative company called ‘Open Market’ which pioneered both ideas and technologies about the commercial use of the Internet, much of which has evolved and become commonplace today. One of the themes that the President Shikar Gosch introduced was the idea of ‘Digital Termites’ and ‘Termiting’…
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The Wonders of Model Portfolios

So many firms are bringing in these things called ‘Model Portfolios’ and for some, they look like a new list of approved investments for clients, often in different proportions for different risk appetites. So what is the big deal? Well the big deal is that to be used properly, 2 key things must happen: Authors…
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