Month: August 2021

Tech Usage Crucial As Clients Seek Bespoke Experience

Personalised portfolio management empowered by technology is key to the future value proposition to consumers. Great to see there is growing recognition of its potential to support advisers.

What is the most important thing to consider when selecting portfolio management systems ?

We live in unprecedented times, and managing people’s monies is not immune from the evolving changes in the world today. With product commissions banned in much of the western world, one of the key sustainable revenue streams for wealth management businesses is providing a valuable service in terms of managing client investment portfolios. Ultimately this…
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So What Language Are We Talking

A common frustration that we hear in the private wealth management segment of the industry is about how investments are classified by third-party providers, perhaps investment platforms or software providers. We commonly hear of people’s frustrations associated with trying to do asset allocation to suit their investment thesis, only to have client reports coming out…
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