Month: March 2022

From Product Distribution to Customer Success with Rich Arnold

    Proper innovation in the delivery of financial planning and wealth management centres around a customer success model, according to wealth management specialist Richard Arnold. In the first episode of Financial Simplicity’s podcast series “How Investing is Evolving,” our Founder and CEO, Stuart Holdsworth, interviewed wealth management specialist Richard (Rich) Arnold. In this interview, Stuart delves…
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How Investing is Evolving and the Digital Solution to Deliver Personalized Portfolios to Clients at Scale

In December, Stuart Holdsworth was invited to speak at the IMAP Virtual InvestTech conference which was held over the week 6th – 10th of December. As outlined by Peter, what they have noticed more in the marketplace is a desire for account managers to provide greater levels of personalisation with investments in a more scalable…
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Still using spreadsheets for portfolio management? Read this

Hands up all those who use spreadsheets to review asset allocations and portfolio composition. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how cumbersome and time-consuming of a process that can be, particularly if you’re doing it across multiple client accounts or investment platforms come portfolio review time. I worked with one firm in the…
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