Month: April 2022

What is Value in the Eyes of the Consumer with Jonathan Coles

According to brand specialist Jonathan Coles, to be successful in a premium market, your brand must offer premium value and premium customer service.  In the second episode of Financial Simplicity’s podcast series “How Investing is Evolving”, Founder and CEO, Stuart Holdsworth, interviewed consumer brand specialist Jonathan Coles and they dived into the importance of consumer value…
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A discussion with Peter Turback about how Financial Simplicity really helps out those responsible for compliance on portfolios

    Stuart: Welcome all. Today I’m delighted to be joined by Peter Tarbuck from MDA guru Peter and I have known each other in the investment industry for some time. And as for the title of MDA guru, you can probably guess that Peter has a considerable amount of expertise and knowledge in the…
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Is portfolio compliance a ‘state’ or a process ?

A lot of people are asking me at the moment about what portfolio compliance is. Well for professional money managers to date, simply put portfolio compliance is making sure a client’s investment portfolio is in accordance with any mandates or instructions that you agreed with them. Simple? Sometimes yes, but not that easy in a…
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Why the future of wealth management is mass tailored portfolio management

Stuart Holdsworth, CEO & Founder, Financial Simplicity  Introduction In today’s ‘it’s all about me’ world, if you want your business to thrive, then the customer must be at the heart of what you do; a concept known as customer-centricity. Consumers have personalised playlists on Spotify, tailored programming on Netflix, and a custom commute with Uber.…
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16 years later – IMAs and the Merging of Advice and Asset Management

Back in 2006, I felt I could see some changes emerging in wealth and asset management that at the time were in the early stages of playing out. 16 years later it is interesting to reflect since that article as to what has actually happened, so here is a bit of an update. Firstly the…
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Govt should educate consumers on finfluencer risks

Speaking to Money Management, the chief executive of Financial Simplicity, Stuart Holdsworth, said the guidance was welcome but also the consumer should be educated on how much weight they should give these platforms. Here’s an article to read more: