Still using spreadsheets for portfolio management? Read this

An article in IFA Magazine from our CEO Stuart Holdsworth on the challenges of using spreadsheets for portfolio management.

Advisers have ‘box seat’ to add value

A  Money Management  article reporting on creating additional value for clients and lowering advice costs for financial advisers through managing their clients’ investments mentions Financial Simplicity’s chief executive Stuart Holdsworth. Stuart says “This approach reduces the amount of external functions and external costs ultimately so advisers can engage with their clients more with them taking…
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The Future Direction of Private Wealth is Here. What is Holding You Back?

There’s growing acceptance that the future of the private wealth industry will involve servicing each and every client on a more personalised basis, adjusting investment portfolios not only to the firm’s investment thesis but to the preferences and constraints of clients. The days of ‘one size fit all’ in terms of private wealth investment propositions…
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Tech Usage Crucial As Clients Seek Bespoke Experience

Personalised portfolio management empowered by technology is key to the future value proposition to consumers. Great to see there is growing recognition of its potential to support advisers.

What is the most important thing to consider when selecting portfolio management systems ?

We live in unprecedented times, and managing people’s monies is not immune from the evolving changes in the world today. With product commissions banned in much of the western world, one of the key sustainable revenue streams for wealth management businesses is providing a valuable service in terms of managing client investment portfolios. Ultimately this…
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So What Language Are We Talking

A common frustration that we hear in the private wealth management segment of the industry is about how investments are classified by third-party providers, perhaps investment platforms or software providers. We commonly hear of people’s frustrations associated with trying to do asset allocation to suit their investment thesis, only to have client reports coming out…
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Key Factors To Success

  I was delighted to see a report from Praemium / Business Health outlining the 7 key metrics for wealth practice success, them being: Revenue per Client Clients Per Adviser Salaries as % of Revenue Support Staff Per Adviser Client Satisfaction Ratings Practice Profitability Rent as % of Revenue Here is how Financial Simplicity helps firms improve…
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Why The Growth In Portfolios of Listed Investments is Accelerating

I get asked a lot by fund managers whether they ‘should’ be having listed versions of their funds, and often offer the same commentary in response, that of – it depends on what you are trying to achieve. My observations are that increasingly a growing segment of consumers and their advisers are seeking to get…
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Client Portfolios & Spinning Plates

While talking with a wealth management firm this week about their investment proposition to their clients, they made the analogy that managing many client specific investment portfolios is like spinning many different plates. When I asked them to elaborate on this, they made the following points: In their business, whilst there is some commonality, most…
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Navigating the Era of De-Productisation

Like so many industries that went through an era of productisation to be able to mass manufacture items will scale and at low cost, the wealth management industry is also in many ways moving on to the next chapter, that or ‘de-productisation’ or perhaps better called the era of ‘mass customisation’. The implications of this…
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