Who We Are: We are Financial Simplicity, The global specialist empowering mass personalised portfolio monitoring, decisioning and rebalancing at scale.


We are the global specialist empowering mass personalised portfolio monitoring, decisioning and rebalancing at scale.

We empower our clients to resolve the time-consuming, complex problems, and remove the manual calculations involved in delivering mass tailored investment propositions.

Our Beliefs:

Some of our core beliefs are:

  • On-line investing offers will advance considerably and make it easier for consumers to invest
  • However, many consumers do not have the time, knowledge, courage, or discipline to make decisions on their own investments and seek support from professionals
  • Through education, collaboration and best interest obligations of professionals, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding of professionals with their investment affairs
  • Investment professionals will require to deliver highly personalised investment propositions at scale to sustain a viable business and remain relevant
  • Mathematics and technology are critical to empower investment professional businesses to deliver personalised investment services to clients in a way that can drive growth, revenue, and profitability (and ultimately the valuation of the business) with manageable risks

Our Purpose: Enable the wealth management and investing industry to deliver superior personalised investment experience outcomes to clients at the same time as building value into their own businesses

Our Vision:

  • Financial Simplicity will be a leading boutique provider of a personalised and seamless digital portfolio investment management platform of choice for mass personalised portfolio monitoring, decisioning.
  • that personalised portfolio management will underpin the value proposition of all intermediary wealth managers to attract and retain clients and demonstrate and sustain their fees and businesses viability.
  • to be a vibrant intellectual and enlightened company that leverages best practices to blend quantitive methods with customer driven feel good from clients and their investor clients. We are building a key business asset to empower the next generation of wealth and investment management. We operate in an environment where staff develop personally, professionally and accumulate wealth in line with company growth.

Our Mission: is to build a business that sets the new standards in terms of personalised portfolio management at scale, and to become a globally recognised brand in what we do.

Our Method: We deliver our service through a digital internet hosted platform, that is connected to the various investment platforms and portfolio accounting systems that our clients choose and enables our clients to mass monitor and generate algorithmic adjustments to portfolios to suit client specific mandates. Critical to our success is:

  • Open architecture to work with investment platforms that our clients choose
  • Around the clock portfolio mandate and compliance monitoring so that those who oversee have constant knowledge as to portfolio client servicing and business risks
  • Investment portfolios that can be multi-account, multi-currency and multi asset class to support the global industry
  • Investment mandates can be personalised to the rules, preferences and constraints of each investor or relationship to service each investor client their way
  • Decision support and rebalancing of portfolios in ‘1 click’ for massively efficient and scalable portfolio decision making, for an indiscriminate number of investment portfolios in order to shorten the gap between stimulus and response

Why Are People Attracted To Financial Simplicity?

  • To make a difference to improve the experience that investors can receive from those who service them, to set and sustain a new industry service standard
  • As staff: to pursue a working life with purpose for personal growth, professional development and grow wealth
  • As investors: to generate returns from a scalable value-based proposition with high margins
  • As clients of Financial Simplicity as we strive to help your business be better in terms of your investment proposition for clients, operational efficiency, and risk management

Our vision state of the organisation is one in balance between harmony (stability, certainty, engineered quality and reliability) and the ever-changing future in terms of the needs and demands of investors, those who service them, technological, cultural, and personal advancement.

Brand: We strive to have a brand that represents :

  • Credibility: by being knowledgeable, insightful and with a proven record
  • Trust: by operating with integrity
  • Accuracy: by ensuring what our software and algorithms do delivers precise repeatable outputs
  • Service: by striving for excellence and being responsive to clients
  • Friendliness: by having an open door to mutually rewarding conversations
  • Progression: by keeping up to date with wealth management industry regulations, trends, and technological advances

We are more than a software company or ‘vendor’ – we are a trusted and valued partner by our clients and workplace for challenge, growth, and reward.

Principles In How We Achieve This:

  • We Constantly Seek To Make Things Better – we recognise that we operate in a constantly changing world and environment. We do this by:
    • Internally – we see value in discussing internally how to make thing better whether that be ourselves, our processes, our product, our way of doing things: we measure this by the number of defined improvements, suggestions, proposals, innovations, and reduction of work frictions
    • Externally – we constantly strive to improve to deliver more value by empowering our clients to better service their client’s investment portfolios and make their businesses better. We measure this by client reference ability.
  • Integrity, by which we mean:
    • Respect for the systems, processes, organisation, our structure, and our audience.
    • By following through on what we say we will do
    • By doing the right thing, always
    • By behaving respectfully to all our stakeholders including each other
    • Respecting the boundaries of behaviour and acting selflessly
    • By believing in what our why is and why we do what we do
    • By living our values, beliefs, vision and principles and holding to account
    • By respecting ourselves and each other
    • We align our energies to the best interests of the company over ourselves
  • Accountability for which we mean:
    • We define what we are seeking to achieve and hold people accountable for achieving it.
    • We back up claims, critique and opinion with facts and recommendations
    • We also recognise the governance around what we do that is important for managing the company, business and associated performance and risks
    • We are accountable for our professionalism, attitude to work and how we interact with each other in a respectful and professional manner
  • Investor experience first – our philosophy and approach to the design of our digital platform puts the best interest of each and every investor at the forefront to empower our clients to deliver the best possible experience
  • Let the machines do the work – we seek to automate everything we do and report on it so it provides repeatable, systemised and accurate results