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Investment value proposition owner – a must for successful advice firms

In the new ‘fee for service’ world, the investment value proposition of an advice business has changed from one centred around the promotion or selection of products to how they add value to a client’s investments. In other words, it’s no longer just about providing access to products. The challenge of demonstrating investment ‘value add’…
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InFocus: Cracking down on finfluencers

In a much-needed information sheet this month, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission finally issued guidance for ‘finfluencers’ and for licensees who worked with them. The industry had previously called for more guidance and information on what finfluencers needed to consider and the regulator listened, warning they could end up in jail or fined if…
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Using portfolio compliance as a tool to demonstrate the value of advice to your clients

As we lament the challenges of dealing with both the increased regulatory burden of delivering advice and demonstrating the value of advice in a ‘fee for service’ world, is there an opportunity wealth management firms are missing? At Financial Simplicity, we believe that by taking a more client centric and strategic compliance approach to portfolio…
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What is Value in the Eyes of the Consumer with Jonathan Coles

According to brand specialist Jonathan Coles, to be successful in a premium market, your brand must offer premium value and premium customer service.  In the second episode of Financial Simplicity’s podcast series “How Investing is Evolving”, Founder and CEO, Stuart Holdsworth, interviewed consumer brand specialist Jonathan Coles and they dived into the importance of consumer value…
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A discussion with Peter Turback about how Financial Simplicity really helps out those responsible for compliance on portfolios

    Stuart: Welcome all. Today I’m delighted to be joined by Peter Tarbuck from MDA guru Peter and I have known each other in the investment industry for some time. And as for the title of MDA guru, you can probably guess that Peter has a considerable amount of expertise and knowledge in the…
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Why the future of wealth management is mass tailored portfolio management

Stuart Holdsworth, CEO & Founder, Financial Simplicity  Introduction In today’s ‘it’s all about me’ world, if you want your business to thrive, then the customer must be at the heart of what you do; a concept known as customer-centricity. Consumers have personalised playlists on Spotify, tailored programming on Netflix, and a custom commute with Uber.…
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16 years later – IMAs and the Merging of Advice and Asset Management

Back in 2006, I felt I could see some changes emerging in wealth and asset management that at the time were in the early stages of playing out. 16 years later it is interesting to reflect since that article as to what has actually happened, so here is a bit of an update. Firstly the…
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Govt should educate consumers on finfluencer risks

Speaking to Money Management, the chief executive of Financial Simplicity, Stuart Holdsworth, said the guidance was welcome but also the consumer should be educated on how much weight they should give these platforms. Here’s an article to read more:

From Product Distribution to Customer Success with Rich Arnold

    Proper innovation in the delivery of financial planning and wealth management centres around a customer success model, according to wealth management specialist Richard Arnold. In the first episode of Financial Simplicity’s podcast series “How Investing is Evolving,” our Founder and CEO, Stuart Holdsworth, interviewed wealth management specialist Richard (Rich) Arnold. In this interview, Stuart delves…
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How Investing is Evolving and the Digital Solution to Deliver Personalized Portfolios to Clients at Scale

In December, Stuart Holdsworth was invited to speak at the IMAP Virtual InvestTech conference which was held over the week 6th – 10th of December. As outlined by Peter, what they have noticed more in the marketplace is a desire for account managers to provide greater levels of personalisation with investments in a more scalable…
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