Client Portfolio Management Solution

Financial Simplicity’s client portfolio management and control solution is a comprehensive system to help private wealth and portfolio management businesses monitor and make decisions on large numbers of highly client tailored investment portfolios. The solution helps business deliver superior and higher value investment propositions to their clients with scale and risk management.


The platform including proprietary algorithms and data structures, and the thinking behind them, are native to Financial Simplicity, meaning that our clients know who they are dealing with and where they need to look for answers.

Better architecture for your uniqueness

Better architecture for your uniqueness

An open-architecture solution, so you can use investment platforms or portfolio accounting systems of your choice

Better client mandate definition

Better client mandate definition

A fully personalised portfolio mandate for each investor, strengthening your investment proposition

Better client specific portfolio monitoring

Better client specific portfolio monitoring

Superior monitoring of all client portfolios, per their unique mandate, in one place

One click workflows

Better ‘one click’ workflows

Better on demand workflows powered by proprietary algorithms to grow and scale your business

Save considerable time, effort and hence costs associated with the construction of client specific mandates

Streamline your client portfolio operations to enable the expansion of your business without worrying about delivery and service level constraints

Easily implement a robust set of processes and controls to minimise business risks associated with the management and control of large numbers of client portfolios

Maximise investment returns by streamlining the end to end process from investment research findings to client portfolio implementation

Easily implement a roles based set of workflows to increase process quality across teams working on client portfolios

Re-use investment research componentry to oversee many different client portfolios with similar investment mandates

Monitor client portfolio composition to agreed mandates with alerts where deviations occur

Enhance audit capabilities with version and change controls

A key and iconic component of our digital platform is what we call a portfolio ‘heat map’ where, in a single glance, those viewing it can assess how the business is delivering to it’s promises to clients.


This not only provides alerts to client advisers with opportunities to better service clients, but also provides management with better detect and protect controls to keep the business safe.


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