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Better Portfolio Propositions

Monitoring portfolios to your desired investment structures

By 24 April 2020November 4th, 2022No Comments

We find all too often that firms have strong and well-founded views as to the way that they break up their universe of investments into their proprietary asset allocations, not only in terms of proportion but also in terms of definition. With more specialist focus and skills, firms are moving beyond what many would regard as industry-standard investment categorisation into specialist views of how to categorise investments, and even with sub-categories also. This is meaningful in terms of their client investment proposition and in many cases fundamental to who they are and what they stand for.

However with this passionate uniqueness often comes challenges in that research or rating houses may categorise investments differently, and there may be limitations in various software to accommodate the firms’ unique perspective on the investment universe and how they break it up for client portfolios. This often leads to the creation of proprietary spreadsheets to support the client investment proposition that limits the business scale.

If this challenge resonates with you, reach out to ask more about our flexible investment categorisation methods that allow our clients’ broad freedom to categorise, sub-categorise and structure their investment universe to support what is important to them.

Having the ability to view all client portfolio adherence or breaches to their specific asset allocation strategies is great compliance, and also brings opportunity for the best servicing of clients.

That’s why we call it Portfolio Service Delivery.

Stuart Holdsworth

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