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The Multiple Benefits of Automated Portfolio Management

By 16 August 2019November 7th, 2022No Comments

A lot of people ask us why Financial Simplicity’s entirely automated and personalised portfolio modelling process is something to sing about. Well the answer lies in the simultaneous benefits that this gives our clients in:

  1. Creating value for their clients – by enabling firms to create repeatable and rules based experiences around clients to address a broad range of their investment profileneeds, and being able do this and respond to market movements, changes in client situations or model portfolios in a matter of seconds, not to mention generate personalised portfolio reviews
  2. Creating value for the business – by using repeatable rules based systems to almost instantly resolve conflicts between client, adviser and investment committees rather than often expensive manual judgements, reducing costs of work effort, and enabling the scaling of portfolio operations with minimal (if any) incremental costs
  3. Reducing risks in the business – by reducing or eliminating manual processes, having all investment mandate definitions in a single place, and a repeatable best practice rules based process for reviewing portfolios, with supporting documentation

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Stuart Holdsworth

Author Stuart Holdsworth

Stuart has over 30 years of experience in the use of technology for the strategic competitive advantage of businesses in the financial markets and investment industry.

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