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New Automated Portfolio Commentary Feature

By 16 November 2021No Comments

We are pleased today to release our new ‘automated commentary feature’ that is all about helping advisers significantly reduce the time, effort, and repetition associated with doing portfolio reviews for several clients, a scenario typical when adjustments are made to model portfolios or target asset allocations.

Building on continuous multi-portfolio monitoring and our ‘one-click portfolio multi-portfolio rebalancing and portfolio reviews’, this feature then takes adviser productivity to the next level as it allows:

  • Firms research teams, or advisers themselves to define libraries of investment commentary texts for each investment security
  • Advisers to mark specific commentary texts as their defaults, with the option to selective override them should more client-specific situations necessitate such
  • All this information be recorded against each portfolio review and annotated in portfolio review / record of advice documents

This a great feature for all, and in our theme of ‘everyone wins’, it’s great for clients as they can continue to receive relevant commentary with portfolio reviews, it’s great for advisers as it saves them huge amounts of time and replicated work, and it’s great for those who oversee them as it evidences explaining investment-specific advice to clients to desired or required service levels.

This feature is really there to help the advisers and firms who deliver individually managed portfolios for their clients, yet want to achieve the next level of business productivity and scale.

What we are doing here is again pushing the envelope as to what is possible in terms of automation to help investment advisory businesses implement a platform for business efficiency and scale in order to spend more time on high value client servicing activities.

If you are struggling with portfolio review document efficiency, and are using model portfolios as a basis for client’s investment strategies, then Financial Simplicity represents best practice in terms of client servicing support, freeing up resources for high value activities, operational efficiencies and business risk management.

Stuart Holdsworth

Author Stuart Holdsworth

Stuart has over 30 years of experience in the use of technology for the strategic competitive advantage of businesses in the financial markets and investment industry.

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