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Whither the US election… And Europe… And China?

With the US election fast approaching on November 6, election fever has gripped the US. However, while the outcome is doubtless very important to the US electorate, global markets remain as focussed, if not more so, on the continuing challenges in Europe, not to mention the slowing economy in China.

As Australian equities fall driving by continued concern over China’s economic slowdown (and its territory dispute with Japan is not helping), global banks are trying to force reflation and are engaged in lowering interest rates. The International Monetary Fund has now cut its global GDP forecast to 3.3% for 2012 and 3.6% for 2013.

How will this affect investor behaviour? Mainstream investors are more cautious than ever. Despite common challenges, every investor thinks his or her situation is just a little bit different to that of the next person. While continued market uncertainty makes it more important than ever to have complete transparency and immediate control over investment portfolio holdings, it is just as important to reinforce an investor’s belief that he or she is indeed unique. Today, more so than ever, that concept of uniqueness is what will attract and retain long-term wealth management clients in a world beset by short-termism.

Attached below is a White Paper written by Financial Simplicity on how mass customisation can serve the needs of the Unique Investor in any market.

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