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16 March 2022

Episode 5 – Tomorrow’s Super with Wes Hall

On this episode of How Investing Is Evolving, Stuart sits down with Wes Hall, founder, and CEO of TOMORROW Super to discuss the evolution of retirement savings in Australia.   In Australia, the retirement savings pool is approximately $3 trillion in a system we call superannuation. It’s undergone substantial change over the past three decades from a regulatory perspective, but one of the most topical items to come out of various reviews and commissions is about member engagement with their retirement investment.

Historically, people in the 20 and 30s who think it is so far away that they don’t pay it any attention. But recently there has been a shift.   My guest Wes Hall brings an abundance of experience in the institutional and platform and technology market and outlines his vision and the innovation he is seeing in this area, particularly with investments.  If you’re really trying to understand more about how superannuation and retirement savings can evolve in the future,  this is a podcast for you .