How do you know whether Financial Simplicity is for you ?

We often get asked what the ideal client for Financial Simplicity looks like ? The answer is quite straightforward; our value proposition optimally services firms who:

  • Service their clients with investment portfolios, often including listed securities, and prefer to have this process managed in-house
  • Have a foundation of packaged investment research using model portfolios (or mixes or models of)
  • Have the ability to know their client portfolio positions each day in electronic form
  • Are experiencing an intention to improve one or more of the below:
    • Increase client value through:
      • offering personalised portfolios, including making them tax smart (after all tax is the largest cost of investing in most of the western world)
      • improving responsiveness to clients in making portfolio adjustments, being able to respond to all clients at once if required
    • Increase the value of their business through:
      • Improving operational efficiencies, ie reducing the workload to do what they do to reduce costs
      • Improving and de-risking operational processes, typically spreadsheets
    • Reduce compliance overheads and risks by implementing a structured, auditable, and repeatable processes

To benefit from Financial Simplicity, firms don’t have to move their assets, don’t need to re-paper their clients, and don’t need to change their regulatory licensing. Simple…