MPS Model Management Solution

Financial Simplicity’s MPS model portfolio management solution is a comprehensive control system to help MPS model management business streamline workflows from forming investment views through to the specific generation of model portfolios for multiple platforms and / or clients.

Better architecture for your uniqueness

Better architecture for your uniqueness

A purpose built portfolio control system architecture to support model portfolio management globally

Better client mandate definition

Better model portfolio mandate definition

Define your range of model portfolios for platforms and specific clients in a way that can re-use componentry and comply with platform investment client lists, fee limits and client specific instructions

Better client specific portfolio monitoring

Better model portfolio monitoring

Superior monitoring of all model portfolios to keep you compliant and safe

One click workflows

Better workflows

Better on demand workflows to generate model portfolios powered by proprietary algorithms to grow and scale your business

Save considerable time, effort and hence costs associated with the construction of model portfolios for different audiences

Unconstrain your model portfolio operations so that you can take on more business without concerns around delivery and service levels

Easily implement a robust set of processes and controls to minimise business risks associated with the construction and communication of model portfolios

Maximise investment returns by streamlining the end to end process from investment research findings to model portfolio implementation

Easily implement a roles based set of workflows to increase security and process quality across teams working on model portfolios

Re-use investment research componentry to generate multiple model portfolio derivations with single updates

Monitor model portfolio composition to agreed mandates with alerts

Enhance audit capabilities with model portfolio version and change controls

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