Monitor, review & rebalance all your clients’ portfolios before the market opens

Whether you are managing each clients portfolio individually, managing discretionary accounts or applying advanced investment strategies using multi-layer models, we can empower you to:

significantly increase efficiency without compromising your unique investment proposition

reduce business risks and eliminate compliance traps

regain management oversight of all elements of the portfolio decisioning and review process.

retain more margin and reduce cost

scale your business through repeatable, consistent automation of manual tasks

reduce time spent on low value activities

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A digital framework for reviewing and managing investment portfolios

Our specialist digital service delivery platform comprises:

An open architecture and data aggregation environment to source  client asset positions from clients chosen investment platforms or systems.

A portfolio data infrastructure that accommodates any asset class, any currency and any tax wrapper to suit clients favoured business partners and propositions.

Personalised portfolio mandate definition for each investor.

A roles based user permissioning system to support enterprise access.

Portfolio monitoring for all client portfolios.

Workflows and modelling for servicing advisory portfolios.

Workflows for servicing mass discretionary portfolios.

For individually reviewing many client portfolios

We provide businesses who want to deliver personalised portfolio management outside of a product structure with the ability to create unique client portfolios that are designed to consider the specific requirements, preferences, and constraints a client may have.

Our specialist digital platform allows you to:

  • Manage and monitor portfolios with an overlay of completely specific client rules, preferences and constraints.
  • Instantly create and deliver a customised Record of Advice (ROA) or portfolio review document.
  • Ensure that clients’ portfolios are continuously and comprehensively tracked to their unique mandate.
  • Retain auditable records of portfolio decisions.

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The typical challenges we are asked to overcome include:

  • Regular errors arising from inaccurate data in spreadsheets & manual entry
  • Monitoring which portfolios need attention
  • Poor oversight for business principals or licensee with little or no oversight
  • Unprofessional report formats 
  • Lengthy client approval process 

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Managing portfolios using a model structure

Financial Simplicity works with portfolio managers that need to manage large numbers of portfolios and improve efficiency and compliance oversight.  We can assist to reduce the time it takes to implement bulk portfolio decisions at large volumes to bring repeatability, consistency and increased rigour to portfolio management processes in a fully configurable, discretionary portfolio service delivery solution.

See the mandate alignment status of an unlimited number of portfolios at a glance

Maintain integrity of individual portfolios at scale

Rebalance portfolios in seconds without the need for exception management workflows

Create individual or bulk trade and trade allocation data

Manage portfolios with exposure to any asset class, currency or tax structure

True open architecture ensures that you leverage, not replace, your current investment, administration and trading infrastructure

Managing sophisticated investment strategies with multi-layer models

We work with specialist private wealth firms who are servicing clients that expect sophisticated investment and service solutions.

 Managing sophisticated portfolios across multiple entities means combining extreme personalisation with extreme scalability. We can configure your unique investment proposition into our digital platform to enable you to deliver repeatable processes for tailored, client centric investment portfolio services, with scale and management oversight – at the click of a button.

Our clients usually come to us when they are having issues with:

Errors & frustrations arising from reliance on spreadsheets

Compliance overheads and risks of manual processes with no audit trails

Delivering to increasingly shorter response times being demanded by clients

The time taken to monitor & review sophisticated portfolios

Growing pains from manual systems, staff loss, inefficient processes & letting go

Performance impacts on portfolios from long lead times between decision and implementation.

Ensuring that all necessary data for portfolio decisioning, reviews and implementation is up to date and in the right place at the right time.

Reaching the limit of the capabilities of their current infrastructure.

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