The type of investment propositions that we help make better

Private Investment Management

Private Investment Management

Private Investment Management firms are ideally suited to benefitting from Financial Simplicity.

We help make the private investment management investment proposition be better through the introduction of a set of workflows and techniques made possible through our digital platform. The impact on the business is to substantially reduce the low value effort in the business so that more resource time can be spent on high value activities with clients or researching investments.

Financial Simplicity’s capabilities extend to cover the servicing of multi-account, multi-asset class, multi currency portfolios with high levels of client specific rules, preferences and constraints.

Often replacing a firm’s proprietary spreadsheets, Financial Simplicity brings a robust set of processes and systems to enable private investment management businesses to improve on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in order to improve overall business quality and the harness the opportunity for business growth and scale.

Individually Managed Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs)

Financial Simplicity makes the operation of IMAs better with a range of features including:

  • Single or multiple account (linked or unlinked) based portfolio modelling
  • Constant portfolio monitoring of overall IMA accounts to client agreed mandates
  • Flexible categorisation of investments to suit firm investment narrative
  • Client personalised investment mandate with customised asset allocations,  client specific rules, preferences, constraints, as well as trading and tax selling preferences
  • Bulk portfolio rebalancing, order aggregation and trade allocation methods
  • Automated and embedded investment and research commentary texts into portfolio review reports
Direct Indexing Investment Propositions

Direct Indexing Investment Propositions

The core to any direct indexing solution is the algorithms to ensure that client portfolios are kept aligned to mandates, often customised by the investor, advisor or both. Combined with being able to categorise investments to the discussion with the investors, fractional investing, ability for customised, fully personalised and tax smart offerings, Financial Simplicity enables direct indexing with both client service proposition and scale.

Direct Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

A key part to investment advisory is the service experience provided to clients by advisors. We provide a range of integrated capabilities that both inform investment advisers of opportunities to improve the client service proposition, and provide rapid and flexible portfolio modelling capabilities to reduce the amount of time investment advisers require to create highly annotated and documented investment portfolio reviews. 

Portfolio modelling is made better in a variety of ways from ad-hoc portfolio adjustments, through the use of model portfolios (that adapt to any client specific rules, preferences and constraints) to the use of multi-asset class models.

Plus, we deliver further efficiency by integrating investment and research commentary libraries, directly to each advisers devices.

Direct Indexing Investment Propositions

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) / Model Portfolio Service (MPS)

With Financial Simplicity, SMA and MPS operators can not only operate vanilla model based investment propositions at huge scale, but also can extend the SMA / MPS proposition with investor specific standing rules to allow a more personalised experience for investors.

With trust established as one of the most imperative points for SMAs and MPS propositions and the broader finance industry, personalisation is everything.

For more information on our MPS Model Portfolio Management Solution click here

For more information on our SMA Model Portfolio Management Solution click here

Direct Investment Advisory

Asset Managers / Model Portfolio Managers

Financial Simplicity offers a solution that transforms the operations of asset managers and model portfolio managers. The platform massively helps improve productivity and reduce business risks.

With Financial Simplicity, constructing and managing large numbers of model portfolios is made easier with the use of libraries containing reusable asset allocation and fund/security selection components. This results in significant savings in time, effort, and costs.

Financial Simplicity’s workflows rapidly generate platform-specific and compliant model portfolio derivatives, taking into account platform-specific cash holdings and available funds/investments. This helps reduce business risks and resource costs.

The platform also eliminates the risk of manual errors with its systematic generation of model portfolio files in various formats, making it seamless to upload portfolios into SMA/MPS platforms.

FS Labs

Platforms & Software Providers

f/s labs allows platforms, software providers and tech platforms to rapidly deploy market leading portfolio reviewing and rebalancing functionality without the time, risk or cost of development. Access market-leading, personalised portfolio rebalancing algorithms as an API. Our proven algorithmic capabilities are broad and deep and are configured to the imagination of our clients portfolio based propositions.

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In Australia, Financial Simplicity pre-packaged data feeds from a broad range of investment platform and portfolio accounting systems including:

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