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Using portfolio compliance as a tool to demonstrate the value of advice to your clients

As we lament the challenges of dealing with both the increased regulatory burden of delivering advice and demonstrating the value of advice in a ‘fee for service’ world, is there an opportunity wealth management firms are missing? At Financial Simplicity, we believe that by taking a more client centric and strategic compliance approach to portfolio…
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Still using spreadsheets for portfolio management? Read this

An article in IFA Magazine from our CEO Stuart Holdsworth on the challenges of using spreadsheets for portfolio management. https://www.ifa.com.au/opinion/30162-still-using-spreadsheets-for-portfolio-management-read-this

Advisers have ‘box seat’ to add value

A  Money Management  article reporting on creating additional value for clients and lowering advice costs for financial advisers through managing their clients’ investments mentions Financial Simplicity’s chief executive Stuart Holdsworth. Stuart says “This approach reduces the amount of external functions and external costs ultimately so advisers can engage with their clients more with them taking…
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The Future Direction of Private Wealth is Here. What is Holding You Back?

There’s growing acceptance that the future of the private wealth industry will involve servicing each and every client on a more personalised basis, adjusting investment portfolios not only to the firm’s investment thesis but to the preferences and constraints of clients. The days of ‘one size fit all’ in terms of private wealth investment propositions…
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What is the most important thing to consider when selecting portfolio management systems ?

We live in unprecedented times, and managing people’s monies is not immune from the evolving changes in the world today. With product commissions banned in much of the western world, one of the key sustainable revenue streams for wealth management businesses is providing a valuable service in terms of managing client investment portfolios. Ultimately this…
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Do you have a wealth management business or practice ?

There have been considerable changes in the way wealth management businesses have been valued in recent years, largely as a function of regulatory changes, margin pressures and industry ‘supply chain’ dynamics that come around from the above and also the introduction of innovations and technologies. When I talk with M&A folks, one of the primary discussions…
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Monitoring portfolios to your desired investment structures

We find all too often that firms have strong and well-founded views as to the way that they break up their universe of investments into their proprietary asset allocations, not only in terms of proportion but also in terms of definition. With more specialist focus and skills, firms are moving beyond what many would regard…
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What does the future of wealth management have to do with pioneering of powered flight?

The introduction of powered flight was a major innovation and was achieved through a significant change in the thinking of both what the problem was and the skill sets that actually got the successful group there first. At the time there was no real precedent in terms of innovation that could be used to base…
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With increasing regulation requiring firms to define what client portfolios ‘should look like’, this is theme for 2017

A lot of people are asking me at the moment about what portfolio compliance is, and you may want to read my white paper here Well for professional money managers to date, simply put portfolio compliance is making sure a client’s investment portfolio is in accordance with any mandates or instructions that you agreed with them.…
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What ‘should’ your client portfolios be ?

With increasing penalties and fines being issued by regulators for advice firms not actually providing advice for the fees that they have charged their clients, there is increasing focus on what is required to be done to demonstrate ongoing advice for ongoing fees to investors. One part of the discussion around this is firms considering…
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