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Tinder Understands its Users Better than Most Robo Advisors

I just read this article here at http://www.financial-planning.com/blogs/idea-exchange/tinder-understands-it-users-better-than-most-robo-advisors-2696001-1.html I guess really opens a can of worms in terms of people personalities (or multiple of), and what is really the best way to ascertain some key aspects of people’s financial profiles, attitudes to risk etc. I do agree however that the phraseology and understanding of short…
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Gen Yers turn to social media for financial advice

Interesting article about trends for sourcing financial advice. Gen Yers turn to social media for financial advice Monday, 14 March 2011 1:00pm By Elise Burgess Generation Yers are seeking advice much sooner than their parents, but not always from the usual sources, with around 33 per cent using social media for financial advice. Based on…
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