Tinder Understands its Users Better than Most Robo Advisors

I just read this article here at http://www.financial-planning.com/blogs/idea-exchange/tinder-understands-it-users-better-than-most-robo-advisors-2696001-1.html

I guess really opens a can of worms in terms of people personalities (or multiple of), and what is really the best way to ascertain some key aspects of people’s financial profiles, attitudes to risk etc.

I do agree however that the phraseology and understanding of short sentences is open somewhat to interpretation, and that a perhaps more interactive approach, based on actions and larger amounts of data, could lead to better understanding of people’s financial profiles, and suspect that we will see considerable innovation in this space as current methods get tested.

It reminds me some discussions with some telcos where they point out that often that the data on mobile phones and the analysis of such helps in some ways to enable them to know the phone user better than their partners..